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Formex, LLC
2800 Cofer Rd
Richmond, VA 23224
Phone: 1.804.231.1988
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About Formex Permanent Steel Forms

FORMEX is the nationís premier manufacturer of permanent steel Island Forms, Pipeguards, Bollards, and Curbing. Over the last 55 years, FORMEX has grown with the Petroleum and Convenience Store industries by supplying the highest quality asset protecting products that are field friendly and easy to install, such as the patented DOGBONE Island Form. In addition to its national reputation for product quality and innovation, FORMEX is well respected for its outstanding customer service and unsurpassed shipping response. FORMEX Permanent Steel Forms have been designed for high vehicular traffic applications such as bank drive-thrus, restaurants, airports, parking lots as well as retail and commercial fueling locations. FORMEX products are specified by engineers and architects, and purchased by petroleum equipment companies, concrete distributors, and general contractors. FORMEX also performs metal Fabrication as an original equipment manufacturer, and through its Shenandoah Decorative Ironworks subsidiary, provides ornamental, architectural, and miscellaneous ironwork to general contractors and residential customers.


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