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Prevent Heavy Traffic Damage With Formex® Curbing

Add style to one of the most visible parts of any location by installing surprisingly affordable Formex Curbing. As it enhances visual appearance, it also protects concrete in high traffic areas from chipping and cracking. Formex Curbing also prevents damage to tires by using a rolled top edge design that eliminates sharp edges.

Choose from a selection of heights, all of which install quickly and easily and require little or no maintenance. All curbs are furnished with drawings for easy assembly and installation. A.D.A. compliant handicap ramps are also available. Formex Curbing is available in primed steel, stainless steel or modern powder coated finishes.


  • All curbs are made with heavy 12-gauge prime commercial quality hot rolled steel.
  • Top edges are formed with a rub-rail bead which is 1-7/8" high by 15/16" deep. Formex Curbing is available in 6", 9", 13", 18", 24" and 30" heights.
  • Curb joints are fitted with flange connections and line up pins for easy site installation.
  • Carbon steel curbing is painted with one coat of Gray Sentrx Primer. Stainless steel forms are Type 304 steel with a Number 3 polish.
  • Curbing is shipped in knocked down fashion to allow best freight rates
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