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FORMEX is the nationís premier manufacturer of permanent steel Island Forms, Pipeguards, Bollards, and Curbing. Over the last 55 years, FORMEX has grown with the Petroleum and Convenience Store industries by supplying the highest quality asset protecting products that are field friendly and easy to install, such as the patented DOGBONE Island Form.

Formex, LLC
2800 Cofer Rd
Richmond, VA 23224
Phone: 1.804.231.1988
Toll Free: 1.800.446.5799
Fax: 1.804.232.6114

Member of the Petroleum Equipment Institute


  1. No freight claims to handle. With our freight claim policy we make immediate replacement, ship free astray, and eliminate the need for our customers to worry about freight claims.

  2. We select carriers that handle points direct and avoid going through bulk break terminal and thereby reduce the risk of damage.

  3. On truckload lots we have carriers spot trailers and load freight to ride. These same trailers are delivered and left so that our customers can have them unloaded at their convenience. Another way to reduce risk of damage.

  4. In the past year we have not passed on any storage charges, detention or re-consignment charges that were made by freight carriers.

  5. When orders are received for curbing, sketches are faxed to customer that they may verify or correct sketch before material is fabricated. This system has saved you and Formex a great deal of money as well as costly delays.

  6. We have a customer service group that is second to none. A list of names will be forwarded to you showing the appropriate person to contact for specific services. Your problem is our opportunity and we guarantee prompt and satisfactory response.

  7. Manufacturer rep groups in all states to assist with local problems.

  8. Formex Dogbone Islands are engineered so they do not have to be field welded. They bolt together and are rigid when properly installed.

  9. Shipping islands and curbing together saves on freight cost and handling and assures that all forms are ready when a job begins.

  10. Our dispenser boxes are designed so they may be shipped via UPS or by Air.

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