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Formex, LLC
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Fabrication Specifications

  • Professional Technicians with various metal working, electrical, and mechanicals skills.
  • Pipe Bending: Smith Bender w/ CNC control (3.5" to 4" o.d. schedule 40 pipe with tolerances to a tenth of one degree).
  • Shearing: Cincinnati 10' Press Break and Shear (to 12ga).
  • Plate and End Rolling: Webb Roller: 1/4" thick by 48" wide.
  • Welding carbon, stainless, and aluminum.
  • Precision Cutting: Marvel vertical band saw on widths up to 18".
  • Painting (or priming) all parts to specification.
  • Press Break: 125 ton w/ assorted tooling.
  • Press Break: 25 ton w/ CNC back guage for precision.
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